Schedules & Event 2017

  • Jan.9th*アイドリング・アタッカー(entrust・Sendai)
  • July.30th*Anime Evolution (vancouver)
    Thank you for all people came by to say hi and pick up some of my stuff!! It was really great meeting you all!!! ╰(*´︶`*)╯  Anime Evolution

  • Thank you for all your support! 2016

    • Mar.5th*HARUMATSURI (vancouver) HARUMATSURI
    • Mar.20th*黒猫ラバーズ(entrust・Tokyo)
    • May.5th*ネコ・マっしぐら(entrust・Tokyo)
    • July.16th*minicomi (vancouver)  minicomi
    • Aug.19-21*Anime Evolution (vancouver) Anime Evolution"
    • Dec.17*Akimatsuri (vancouver) Akimatsuri"

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